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Amazing contest @ you can win 6MP Digital Camera!

Prizes are:

  • 1x Kodak 6 megapixel digital camera
  • 2x Micro Spy Remote
  • 5x Worlds smallest memory card reader
  • Link to the contest page is here, where you can read all the contest details of the competition.

    The contest is open from 6th April to 6th May 2009.

    Good Luck to everyone! 😉

    My favourite article from is the following: Aqua Sounder floating speakers.

    I found really interesting this Aqua Sounder floating speakers by Grace Digital, because I was looking for a present for my boyfriend (he has a nice swimming pool) and now… I think I’ve just found it! 😉

    This can be the right gadget for the summer, while you’re staying along the pool or you’re swimming you can listen to some good music: in fact the speakers are waterproof and float around in your pool…it’s nice! 🙂 has lot of articles like this: the site in fact reviews very interesting electronic gadgets…check it out! 😉


    Great contest @, in associaton with (which is the great sponsor of this amazing competition)!

    You have the chance to win up to $4000 CASH by reviewing the site :).

    You have to follow all the details written here to enter this nice competition!

    The deadline for entry is May 31. Winner will be drawn on June 6 at Dot Com Pho.

    The winner will be selected by a random drawing of all entries received.

    This is my review of the site: is an Online Radio streaming site with loads of free stations.

    There are lot of free stations: Contemporary, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic, Children, Christian, Christmas, Classical, College, Country, Easy Listening, Electronic, Folk, Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Talk Radio, Old Time, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Retro, Rock, Soul, Soundtracks, Soul, Sports, Top 40, Variety, World.

    The site is very easy and simple to explore and I like the green background because it’s very relaxing for eyes reading green pages.

    At the top of the home page you can find the most popular music genres you can listen on the site; every section presents an essential story and explanation of the music.

    I browsed around their listings and my favorite station is Live Ireland Celtic Music: I really love celtic music!! 🙂

    I really appreciated also Streaming Music, a nice station from Richmond: I am a huge fan of movies’ soundtracks. 🙂

    Check it out this nice site! 😉

    Nice contest at review the site in min. 200 words and you have the chance to win $500 via PayPal.

    You can read about the contest rules here and here.

    This is an entry for the $500 Giveaway at Travel Blog.

    The review contest ends on February 28 2009. 

    The lucky winner will be chosen by random. Each entry will have a number and a third party (independent person) will select that number (not knowing who the contestant is). PayPal Account is also a must-have to enter this contest.

    Good Luck to everyone! 😉

    My review: is a site manteined by Mr. Milan Matchev: this site gives you the possibily to choose the right vacation for you, your family and your friends by renting a certain property everywhere in the world!

    It allows property owners and managers to list and promote their holiday rental properties in a safe online environment, too.

    You can choose every kind of rental: “from log cabins to lakefront and oceanfront villas to ski slope condos”, as written in the home page.

    A vacation rental is better than a hotel room because you get more space, you have the possibility to get more amenities, you save money and surely get more satisfaction!

    The site is very simple to explore; there are also an updated blog and a very useful forum, where users can discuss about their vacation and experiences.

    With the “Find a rental” section you have the possibility to choose the rental vacation of your dreams. I saw an amazing cottage in North Carolina…;)

    I think that a rental vacation can be a different and interesting way to go on holiday; probably in the future I remember this site before going to the travel agency.

    Personally I added this site to my favourites sites…and you? 🙂

    TheCelebrityCafe is having a nice contest where you can win $ 100 through Paypal.

    All you have to do is reviewing the magazine (putting also a link to the home page) in about 150-250 words.

    You can find all the rules here.

    Time to review! 🙂 is a site created by Dominick A. Miserandino. He is also the author of two travel/humor books, “How to Survive Your First Year of Marriage by Traveling” and “Mother-in-Laws, Shopping, and Baby Talk, Oh My!,” and has been published in over 50 newspapers around the world.

    A frequent guest on radio and television shows, Dominick is one of the most widely traveled journalists in the country, often scooting off to popular and not-so-popular destinations on behalf of’s travel section and for media appearances.

    The site is focused on everything about the celebrity world: music, cinema and many more; here you’ll find all the latest news about your favourite actor or singer ;).

    The site is very easy to explore: on the left column you can find various sections: News (Features, Interviews, Cds, Movies, Books, Travels, Product Reviews), Fun and Games (Contests – very rich section!-, Message Board, Trivia, Celebrity Birthdays, Celebrity Sightings) and Other (Search, Newsfeed, Advertising, Links, Refer A Friend, About Us, Contact Us).

    In the central space on the home page there are the latest news, while on the right column of the site there’s the list of a lots of contest.

    I found very interesting and funny the “Celebrity Sightings” section; I appreciated also the “Book” section: there are hundreds and hundreds of books reviews, it’s incredible!

    According to Google, is one of the top 3 entertainment magazines, so…what are you wating for? Have a look, come on! 😉


    WealthyMiser is offering the chance to win $ 100 by reviewing the site in about 250 words; there is no restriction on the language or niche of your blog. You may use include matter from their first post for your review.

    Prizes are:

    • $100 via PayPal
    • Auslogics BoostSpeed worth $29.95
      Award winning clean up software to speed up your computer and tweak Windows to its peak performance.

    Once you’ve written the review, you can leave a comment with your review url here.

    Contest ends on Feb 27, 2009. The winner will be selected randomly via and will be announced on February 28,2009. The payment would be made via PayPal.

    Good luck to you all! 😉

    But now is time to complete this post with my personal review of WealthyMiser.

    This site has been created by Deepak Thomas, a 22 years old indian Web developer, Open Source enthusiast, Techie, Webpreneur and blogger.

    In his first post, Deepak says he’s not an extraordinary internet guru earning thousand and thousand dollars by blogging, but surely he can help you, through his suggestions, how develop your ideas about activities online, blogging, increasing your traffic on your blog and earning some money online, however :).

    He underlines that, if you have a not too complicated idea, you can also read his Webpreneur Forum, where you can find suggestions and help to improve your site.

    WealthyMiser is a site powered by WordPress; on the home page you’ll find latest news from Deepak about ways to make money online, methods to choose the right domain name, to add meta tags and about wordpress plugins.

    Deepak also focused on SkyQuestCom: it is an Award-Winning Global Company based in Singapore and Deepak looks at it as a sort of oriental model company which is improving every day: in fact actually the company is the 7th fastest growing technology company in the Asia Pacific.

    In this site I found 5 mistakes to look out for when blogging and 3 ways to lessen the load on your WordPress blog extremely interesting posts; I also appreciated various ways Deepak has to keep in touch with people, his readers or others bloggers and webpreneurs: he has his “Contact Page” (that you can see here), the link to his Twitter Page and other social network as Facebook,etc.

    I think it’s very important for a webpreneur keeping in touch with other bloggers trough these methods: in fact in some way it’s possible to create a “more human” contact with each other.

    Do you want to spread your idea for a fantastic site? Do you want a huge site? Visit and have a look! 😉

    Nice review contest promoted by  talk about Ilchi Lee and, review the site and you have the chance to win $ 250 through PayPal!

    These are the rules:

    1. Review by writing a post at your blog/website.
    2. Review can be about design, its content or anything interested that you see.
    3. Link with anchor text Ilchi Lee from that post. Also link to this contest announcement post and send pingbacks to this post (So that they can keep track of reviews).
    4. Email them at with the following information:

    • Subject: Review Challenge
    • Content: URL: [the URL of the review you posted on your blog] and your contact information.


    1. Review should be minimum 120 words.
    2. No Google PR restrictions, site can be of any PR even 0.
    3. Adult, gambling, porn, warez sites are not allowed.
    4. Contest ends at November 10, 2008.

    Link to the contest is here.

    Good luck to you all 😉

    And here’s my review:

    Let’s talk about

    This interesting site spreads the word about Healing Society: it’s a volunteer-based movement which seeks to take back the health and peace of ourselves, ourcommunities and the earth through Dahn Hak and Brain Respiration.

    The promoter of this movement was Dr. Ilchi Lee over 20 years ago: he found out that individual health, health of our society and the health of the Earth are inseparably interwoven as one.

    Actually, the are more 100,000 people in the world following this movement.

    The site has many sections: the main page is simple, very clear and relaxing to read: white layout helps your eyes to focus on various posts.

    At the top you can find the history of Healing Society Movement, where you can also discover his mission:

    • To assist people to recover original perfect health and evolve consciousness

    • To assist people, with this heightened awareness, to heal our society and the Earth

    • To overcome the limitations of materialism and to open a new culture of spirituality in the world


    After the history of the movement, you can get involved in healing methods, which are:


    °Dahn Yoga (The Dahnhak method is a mind/body training program designed to promote the harmonious growth of individuals);

    °Brain Respiration (is a self-improvement program designed to help people regain their original perfection, both physically and mentally by repairing the brain energy circuits, awakening and developing one’s brain potential, and maximizing one’s natural healing power). I think it can be a very interesting program even used practing pilates or yoga ;).

    They are both created by Dr. Ilchi Lee.
    Other useful informations can be found, as well as activities of Healing Society, The Declaration of Humanity and latest news and articles about Ilchi Lee’s latest book: “In Full Bloom”.

    From the bar at the top of every page, you can read every section (I found ilchi Lee’s history very interesting: you can read it here).

    For every question, you can contact them filling the apposite form (you can reach it from every page of the site).

    I suggest you to have a look to this site, especially if you’re interested in pilates and yoga (like me);).

    Don’t forget to read about the amazing contest of the site! 🙂