Wotogepa Affiliate and Twitter Contest

Amazing contest promoted by JeremiahCooper.com and Wotogepa: you have the chance to win incredible prizes!

How to enter:

1.) Sign up to Wotogepa’s network and generate any of the commission levels in the prize structure.  All affiliates that reach the tier will be awarded a prize, but they must have signed up thru this blog so we can track your earnings.

2.) The easiest way to win, simply follow and tweet about this contest.  Follow @coop56 and @wotogepa and tweet the following:

RT to Win: Follow @coop56 to win big prizes!  http://xr.com/coopwoto

3.) If you have already tweeted and you want yet another chance to win, simply make a blog post talking about this contest and linking back to us, leave the post in the comments here.

The viral prize breakdown is as follows:

°Twitter Prize Week 1 – You’ll receive a 16 GB iPod Touch just for tweeting about the contest.

°Twitter Prize Week 2 – The second week we’ll be drawing another name for another 16 GB iPod Touch.

°Twitter Prize Week 3 – The third week you will be given a 16 GB iPod Touch as well as a 30 minute phone call with Will and Jeremiah, to ask questions about affiliate marketing etc.

°Blogger Prize – iPod Touch and a 1 hour one on one work session with Jeremiah, he’ ll help you with whatever strategies your trying to master.


For the main prizes, they are on a tiered level and are pretty easily attainable.

°Generate $1000 – $2999.99 in revenue and you will receive a $50 Visa Card to use anywhere Visa is accepted.

°Generate $3000 – $4999.99 in revenue and you’ll receive a brand new Nintendo DSi.

°Generate $5000 – $9999.99 in revenue and you’ll receive a Nintendo Wii.

°Generate $10,000 – $24,999.99 in revenue and you’ll be sent an Xbox 360 Elite package along with Halo 3.  Make sure to get his gamer tag for this one so they can mow down some kiddies.

°Generate $25,000 or more in revenue and you’ll find yourself receiving a brand new Macbook Pro 17″ laptop.

Link to the contest blog is here.

Competition ends on 30th June 2009.

Good Luck to you all! 😉



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