Win 2 iPod Touch with TechBoing!


TechBoing is promoting a nice contest where you can win 2 iPod Touch: a 16 Gb iPod Touch for bloggers and a 8 Gb iPod Touch for people without a blog.

Rules are very simple:

You have to:

°1: Spread the word on Twitter : Tech Boing is giving away 2 ipod touch!
°2: Write a post about the contest telling what would you like to read on a tech blog.

°3:write as many comments as you can (for people without a blog).

Competition ends on May, 11th.

Link to the contest post is here.

On a tech blog I’d like to read about:

*Web 2.0

*Open source softwares

*Apple iPhone/iPod

*Various kinds of digital gadgets you can find on the net.


Good luck to everyone :).



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