Win $100 Paypal from

TheCelebrityCafe is having a nice contest where you can win $ 100 through Paypal.

All you have to do is reviewing the magazine (putting also a link to the home page) in about 150-250 words.

You can find all the rules here.

Time to review! 🙂 is a site created by Dominick A. Miserandino. He is also the author of two travel/humor books, “How to Survive Your First Year of Marriage by Traveling” and “Mother-in-Laws, Shopping, and Baby Talk, Oh My!,” and has been published in over 50 newspapers around the world.

A frequent guest on radio and television shows, Dominick is one of the most widely traveled journalists in the country, often scooting off to popular and not-so-popular destinations on behalf of’s travel section and for media appearances.

The site is focused on everything about the celebrity world: music, cinema and many more; here you’ll find all the latest news about your favourite actor or singer ;).

The site is very easy to explore: on the left column you can find various sections: News (Features, Interviews, Cds, Movies, Books, Travels, Product Reviews), Fun and Games (Contests – very rich section!-, Message Board, Trivia, Celebrity Birthdays, Celebrity Sightings) and Other (Search, Newsfeed, Advertising, Links, Refer A Friend, About Us, Contact Us).

In the central space on the home page there are the latest news, while on the right column of the site there’s the list of a lots of contest.

I found very interesting and funny the “Celebrity Sightings” section; I appreciated also the “Book” section: there are hundreds and hundreds of books reviews, it’s incredible!

According to Google, is one of the top 3 entertainment magazines, so…what are you wating for? Have a look, come on! 😉



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