Contest: Spread the Love and win $ 100!


WealthyMiser is offering the chance to win $ 100 by reviewing the site in about 250 words; there is no restriction on the language or niche of your blog. You may use include matter from their first post for your review.

Prizes are:

  • $100 via PayPal
  • Auslogics BoostSpeed worth $29.95
    Award winning clean up software to speed up your computer and tweak Windows to its peak performance.

Once you’ve written the review, you can leave a comment with your review url here.

Contest ends on Feb 27, 2009. The winner will be selected randomly via and will be announced on February 28,2009. The payment would be made via PayPal.

Good luck to you all! 😉

But now is time to complete this post with my personal review of WealthyMiser.

This site has been created by Deepak Thomas, a 22 years old indian Web developer, Open Source enthusiast, Techie, Webpreneur and blogger.

In his first post, Deepak says he’s not an extraordinary internet guru earning thousand and thousand dollars by blogging, but surely he can help you, through his suggestions, how develop your ideas about activities online, blogging, increasing your traffic on your blog and earning some money online, however :).

He underlines that, if you have a not too complicated idea, you can also read his Webpreneur Forum, where you can find suggestions and help to improve your site.

WealthyMiser is a site powered by WordPress; on the home page you’ll find latest news from Deepak about ways to make money online, methods to choose the right domain name, to add meta tags and about wordpress plugins.

Deepak also focused on SkyQuestCom: it is an Award-Winning Global Company based in Singapore and Deepak looks at it as a sort of oriental model company which is improving every day: in fact actually the company is the 7th fastest growing technology company in the Asia Pacific.

In this site I found 5 mistakes to look out for when blogging and 3 ways to lessen the load on your WordPress blog extremely interesting posts; I also appreciated various ways Deepak has to keep in touch with people, his readers or others bloggers and webpreneurs: he has his “Contact Page” (that you can see here), the link to his Twitter Page and other social network as Facebook,etc.

I think it’s very important for a webpreneur keeping in touch with other bloggers trough these methods: in fact in some way it’s possible to create a “more human” contact with each other.

Do you want to spread your idea for a fantastic site? Do you want a huge site? Visit and have a look! 😉


  1. Thanks a lot for the review.Good luck for the contest


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