Review and Win $ 250 Cash Prize!

Nice review contest promoted by  talk about Ilchi Lee and, review the site and you have the chance to win $ 250 through PayPal!

These are the rules:

1. Review by writing a post at your blog/website.
2. Review can be about design, its content or anything interested that you see.
3. Link with anchor text Ilchi Lee from that post. Also link to this contest announcement post and send pingbacks to this post (So that they can keep track of reviews).
4. Email them at with the following information:

  • Subject: Review Challenge
  • Content: URL: [the URL of the review you posted on your blog] and your contact information.


1. Review should be minimum 120 words.
2. No Google PR restrictions, site can be of any PR even 0.
3. Adult, gambling, porn, warez sites are not allowed.
4. Contest ends at November 10, 2008.

Link to the contest is here.

Good luck to you all 😉

And here’s my review:

Let’s talk about

This interesting site spreads the word about Healing Society: it’s a volunteer-based movement which seeks to take back the health and peace of ourselves, ourcommunities and the earth through Dahn Hak and Brain Respiration.

The promoter of this movement was Dr. Ilchi Lee over 20 years ago: he found out that individual health, health of our society and the health of the Earth are inseparably interwoven as one.

Actually, the are more 100,000 people in the world following this movement.

The site has many sections: the main page is simple, very clear and relaxing to read: white layout helps your eyes to focus on various posts.

At the top you can find the history of Healing Society Movement, where you can also discover his mission:

  • To assist people to recover original perfect health and evolve consciousness

  • To assist people, with this heightened awareness, to heal our society and the Earth

  • To overcome the limitations of materialism and to open a new culture of spirituality in the world


After the history of the movement, you can get involved in healing methods, which are:


°Dahn Yoga (The Dahnhak method is a mind/body training program designed to promote the harmonious growth of individuals);

°Brain Respiration (is a self-improvement program designed to help people regain their original perfection, both physically and mentally by repairing the brain energy circuits, awakening and developing one’s brain potential, and maximizing one’s natural healing power). I think it can be a very interesting program even used practing pilates or yoga ;).

They are both created by Dr. Ilchi Lee.
Other useful informations can be found, as well as activities of Healing Society, The Declaration of Humanity and latest news and articles about Ilchi Lee’s latest book: “In Full Bloom”.

From the bar at the top of every page, you can read every section (I found ilchi Lee’s history very interesting: you can read it here).

For every question, you can contact them filling the apposite form (you can reach it from every page of the site).

I suggest you to have a look to this site, especially if you’re interested in pilates and yoga (like me);).

Don’t forget to read about the amazing contest of the site! 🙂



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